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Re: Kevin at DTEK

12. Januar 2015 - 18:19
The techno bin men have just been ..... ...and I offered a Xmas box to clear out my old messages I can now receive the voting from the Denmark jury ..........Hurray !

Re: Unbelievable !

12. Januar 2015 - 17:55
I think it was a joke to start with. I also think it is a bit harsh for a young man just starting out on his career to be sacked for being a dick on a social media site full of dicks who are all trying to one up each other. Especially as it has no connection with his employment. He sounds like a young, immature lad who has hopefully learnt a sharp lesson very quickly.

Kevin at DTEK

11. Januar 2015 - 10:26
Kevin, Empty your inbox I cannot reply to your message. Does anyone have an e mail address for Kevin? Steve

Re: Unbelievable !

7. Januar 2015 - 10:51
What a total clown! Hopefully further investigations will find a cyclist who can confirm the truth of the original post and he will see the clown in court.

Unbelievable !

7. Januar 2015 - 7:06
Personally I'd like to chain this twit down in a cycle lane,

Studed snow tyres

28. Dezember 2014 - 20:39
Only today. Planet X 10.99 26" & 700c

Re: Fastest Bike, take one a day !

21. Dezember 2014 - 16:11
Hope they have more luck than Obree. Although they didn't invent the riding position! Ruddy reporters hype again.

Fastest Bike, take one a day !

21. Dezember 2014 - 8:04
By jinks, looks like a perscription for speed !

Re: Shipping a recumbent.

2. Dezember 2014 - 10:07
Don't know if you're sorted yet, but this ad just popped up with No experience with them, and no max dimensions indicated, but prices look reasonable and they mention trikes in the Menu. Plus online chat for further info.

Re: Shipping a recumbent.

30. November 2014 - 21:26
If its not a Trike, put it in a bike box and send it with DHL or UPS. That's how mine was sent from the UK to Denmark.